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We were recently informed that as part of Toshiba Corporation’s continuing global restructuring, Toshiba will wind-down its telecommunication systems business starting immediately. This announcement took all Toshiba Dealers as a complete surprise.
Quantum Telecom has evaluated what this actually means to our customers who have invested in their Toshiba systems. We can soundly assure you that your investments are safe.

  • Toshiba will continue to support all warranty and maintenance obligations to customers through us as your dealer.
  • Licensing for existing systems will continue to be available for those companies who are growing and expanding.
  • Quantum Telecom will continue providing expert level support and services for all Toshiba products.

For customers that are considering upgrading, expanding, or a complete change to a new system, Quantum Telecom can provide current state of the art solutions.  
We are committed to working with Toshiba in facilitating a smooth transition and continuing support of your existing Toshiba systems. If you have any questions, please contact Quantum Telecom at 215.781.1170


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