Quantum Upgrades to Release 7.0

Quantum Telecom Inc upgraded their Digium Switchvox to Release 7.0

April 2, 2019

Bensalem, PA – Quantum Telecom Inc is using the Digium Switchvox appliance for their office communications platform. Quantum performed the latest 7.0 update on their appliance with the announced release of the newest software version.

By upgrading to the latest release, Quantum can test the new features and report any possible issues to Digium. In addition, Quantum will provide any customer the knowledge to perform this upgrade or will upgrade to the new release for their customers by request.

Quantum has uploaded the Switchvox 7.0 VMware for 500G onto their FTP server. For any customer who wishes to download this file, please email your request to You will receive the login information and location of the file on the Quantum Telecom FTP server. Quantum will email a copy of the upgrade instructions with all requests.

Additional Features include: Switchboard views, Digium IP Phones, and Switchvox Administrator Options


Quantum Voice – Legally Named under Quantum Telecom Inc