Quantum Voice Hosted Platform

Quantum Voice can customize any system to meet exactly what your company wants in a Hosted environment.

Call Paths

Call Paths are the number of simultaneous talk paths that you can use. Quantum Voice can provide your Company with as little or as many as you want or need.

Burst Trunks

In addition to the total simultaneous call paths that you have, Quantum Voice can activate additional paths that are not billed until they are used. We call these Burst Trunks. This is helpful when keeping costs down for the majority of time and only paying for the extra when they have been used.

Add-On Extras

  • Phone Rentals – Keeps initial costs down by not purchasing the phones upfront. Quantum Voice offer monthly rental options.
  • Phone Warranty Replacement – A low cost addition that guarantees phone replacements for any phone that becomes damaged.

Options Features List

  • Nimbus Mobile Phone App (for iPhone and Android)
  • Call Recording
  • Fax Boxes (Inbound Only)
  • Call Center (ACD)
  • Extra Private Lines
  • Blacklisting Numbers
  • Dynamic Caller ID
  • Extra Devices